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We are about being an agent of positive change by providing an inclusive platform for those typically not involved with environmental, conservation and wilderness efforts. We believe that a healthy Yellowstone Ecosystem is interdependent with healthy Yellowstone communities on a human level, and that to nurture a wild Yellowstone, we must also nurture our communities and help strengthen them economically, socially and environmentally.

We are about bringing the human element back into conservation efforts. Recognizing that no one is in better position to enjoy and protect the Yellowstone Ecosystem than the youth of this region, we are about fostering their development. We are about providing a vehicle for local community members, especially the youth, to learn about and discuss the issues affecting their home, and about proactively assisting them in determining their community?s own future.

We are about ensuring that the next generation has the same opportunity we have today to raise their families in a vibrant Yellowstone community. We believe nurturing a sense of hope and pride in what it means to identify ourselves as residents of Yellowstone Country is critical to this mission. We are about inspiring a language of reverence, one that facilitates the understanding that our wild rivers, valleys, and mountains, as well as the four-leggeds, winged and finned community members that call these areas home, are sacred entities that need to be cared for and respected.

We are about ?becoming??And we will become by growing out of the Yellowstone Country communities, not from the top down, but instead from the bottom up; by finding ourselves through our work within the local communities, and through listening to the voices of local people. We are about building bridges, nurturing relationships, and fostering commitment.

We are the Yellowstone Country Guardians.

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