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Yellowstone Country Guardians bring a powerful voice of hope and inclusivity to the lands and communities of Yellowstone Country. Read more about what our or similar communities do in elite writing from In this way, you will be able to better understand the main points of our activity. We are a place-based organization that does things boldly and not slickly, and inspires people to care for and love this region. Our deep sense of place and rootedness is engrained in the work we do and allows us to bring new and exciting ideas to Yellowstone Country and beyond.

Through our outreach, education and advocacy programs, we foster a deep understanding of the wildlands and wildlife found throughout our region. By nurturing our communities’ commitment to Yellowstone Country and animals like the grizzly bear—an umbrella species and indicator (guardian) of health throughout the Yellowstone Ecosystem, who is perhaps the most authentic symbol of wildness in all of North America—we help ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of this sacred landscape. We help newcomers to this land connect with long-time residents, thus bridging this cultural gap. Through our community work we encourage new residents to the area to develop a deep and lasting sense of place, at the same time that we provide a platform for long-time residents to rediscover their love for this region.

By collaborating with private land owners, local communities, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations, we work to achieve connectivity via corridors throughout Yellowstone Country while fostering the protection of wildlife habitat, open space, and watershed quality.

Through education and community involvement we help those living within and surrounding Yellowstone Country to live in active harmony with the land and its wildlife. We organize events and opportunities for children and adults alike to participate in gaining a better appreciation and understanding of the land and rivers coursing throughout this region.

Through community involvement we help our citizens re-discover the beauty of living with wildness, while remaining a voice for both the people and the land.

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