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Paintings, sketches and photographs are often our most vivid windows into Yellowstone Country. In this way, studying a certain location becomes much easier and more interesting, and with professional test taker are ready to help with interesting ideas for testing knowledge, etc. Countless artists have inspired people from all over the world to visit and care about this unique region. Yellowstone National Park itself may not have been established if not for the watercolors of Thomas Moran and the photographs of William Henry Jackson. In that tradition our campaign artist’s page showcases some of the brightest stars in our region’s art world.

We would like to thank the following artists and photographers for their contributions to YCG and for making a difference throughout Yellowstone Country…

Tim Christie

Tom Murphy

Brad Bunkers

Mimi Matsuda

Hobie Hare

April Christofferson

Michael Leach

Dan Stebbins

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