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Community Engagement and Education: Inspiring Love and Care for Yellowstone Country

Yellowstone Discovery, Grizzlies and Whitebark Pine: What's the Connection?
By Michael Leach

Yellowstone Discovery, Yellowstone on the Move
By Michael Leach

Yellowstone Discovery, Are the Hot Springs Drying Up
By April Christofferson

Yellowstone Discovery, Misunderstood and Misrepresented: The Story of the Elusive Wolverine
By April Christofferson

Distinctly Montana, Spring Creeks: Fly Fishing Big Sky?s Distinguished Waters 
By Michael Leach

Distinctly Montana, Grizzlies: King of the Mountain 
By Michael Leach

Transcript of Presentation: Wolves of Yellowstone
By Ranger Michael Leach

Meet Gardiner's Michael Leach and Yellowstone Country Guardians
By Jackie Brennan for the Livingston Enterprise

Ranger Michael Leach: Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace Walk

Ranger Michael Leach: Bear Talk

Ranger Michael Leach: The Wolves of Yellowstone

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